Songs in Support of Residents for Sustainable Development in Guelph and their battle against Wal-Mart

"Here's a CD Wal-Mart isn't likely to carry"
- John Allemang, The Globe and Mail

"a benefit album featuring great local talent"
- Brent Raynor, NOW Magazine

"Pick up the CD . . . and stand up against reckless consumerism"
- Christy Bertrand, Echo Weekly

"leading the charge against Wal-Mart's plans"
- Pieta Woolley, The Straight (Vancouver)


~ Ken Brown~ Nonie Crete ~ Dave Teichroeb and the Plaster Cowboys~ James Gordon~ Sandy Horne~ House of Velvet ~ Jiwanin~ Norman Liota~ Andrew McPherson ~ Craig Norris~ Passenger ~ Sam Turton Band with Jane Lewis, Heather MacRae, Drew McIvor, Jesse Turton~ Tannis Slimmon~ Jesse Stewart ~ Well Charged ~

Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to Residents for Suitable Development in Guelph to assist in their legal battle against Wal-Mart


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