The Artists

Ken Brown>
Ken is a veteran folk musician, actor, storyteller, and record producer who puts his own music only on his website - though a new CD collection may be forthcoming. Ken's serious traditional Celtic music skills are often melded with intense guitar grooves and free-association rapping - often on topics of social justice both modern and historic. This CD would not have been possible without his formidable recording and musical abilities.

<Nonie Crete
Nonie is hard-working singer-songwriter from nearby Fergus who is regularly involved with activities in Guelph. Her style ranges from contemporary and traditional folk to Celtic and acoustic blues. Nonie has a dedicated following across Canada and has toured Ireland, opening for such acts as Clannad and Altan. Nonie has just released her fifth recording, "Girl in a Crazy World," and also appears, live and on CD, in James Gordon's musical "Hardscrabble Road."

James Gordon >
James founded Canada's premier folk group Tamarack, which recorded fourteen albums and made countless television and radio appearances. He has become well known for his songs and activism in support of Canada's identity and heritage. James presently tours North America and the UK and produces CDs for other artists at his Pipe Street Studios. Since 2002 he has released 6 different CDs of his own music, including "Hardscrabble Road," an incisive, full-length musical on the harsh realities of modern life.

<Sandy Horne
Sandy is best known to Canadians for her work with the successful band "The Spoons." In the '80s, this group had two gold albums, two Juno nominations and a string of pop radio hits. They toured and opened for acts such as Culture Club and The Police, and were pioneers of the pop video format. Sandy started working with James Gordon in 2001, and they have toured extensively throughout North America and Britain. Sandy is also an actor on James Gordon's "Hardscrabble Road" CD and musical.


House Of Velvet >
Veteran Guelph unit HOV reflect our multi-ethnic culture with a dynamic fusion of reggae, hip-hop, funk, R&B and sonic experimentation. With live shows that inspire dancing and audience participation, J.P. Bertola (percussion, drums), Steve Karch (guitar), Vandana Sharma (sax), Jason Shute (congas, percussion), Jeremy Shute (trumpet, keyboards), and Wayne Smythe (drums, percussion), create a sound all their own.

Jiwani is a Guelph-based African dance and drum troupe lead by Adwoa and Fulé Badoe. Adwoa trained as a physician in her native Ghana, but has evolved into an African Griot. She is an author, story teller, educator and dance instructor. Also from Ghana, Fulé teaches African drumming in elementary schools, colleges and universities in Ontario, where he believes "rhythm helps to promote focus, self esteem, respect of oneself and others."

Jane Lewis>
Jane is a freelance editor and designer, and the author of five novels for young adults. Jane's evocative vocal harmonies can be heard on the CDs "feel" and "Patriot" by Sam Turton, and in live performances with the Sam Turton Band.

<Norman Liota
Norman is a classically-trained fingerstyle guitar player and singer-songwriter who explores the far reaches of rhythm, tuning, sound and poetry. His mixture of earthy and mystical subjects with formal styles and unusual "prepared guitar" techniques can be found on his three independent CDs, and in live performances. Norman regularly tours across North America and now makes Guelph his home.

Heather Macrae>
Heather is a gifted singer influenced by the vocal stylings of classic female singer-songwriters and traditional roots and gospel music. Heather's supporting vocals can be heard on the CDs "feel," and "Patriot," by Sam Turton, and in live performances with the Sam Turton Band.


<Drew Mcivor
Drew McIvor has an authentic Hammond B3 organ in his living room! A deeply soulful organ and keyboard player with dedication to a melodic groove, Drew was a founding member of House of Velvet, is the leader of Mambo Nation, and has recorded and performed with many projects, including HOV, Tamarack, Nick Craine, Shane Philips, Flashlight Brown, and the Sam Turton Band.

Andrew Mcpherson >
Andrew has been working as a producer, remixer and singer/songwriter for over 20 years. Production credits include Natalie MacMaster, Philosopher Kings, Junkhouse, Jane Siberry, and Stephen Fearing. Andrew has four recordings to date, two solo projects and two recordings as "eccodek," in which he blends African voices, sophisticated grooves, and eastern melodies.

<Craig Norris
Craig is the lead singer, keyboard player, and spirited front man for the Kramdens, a veteran five piece rock band from Guelph - who also moonlight as The Plaster Cowboys. The Kramdens have been together for 15 years and have produced three records, each gaining the band more fans and critical praise. The editor of Guelph University's website, Craig is also an outspoken activist and community supporter.



Passenger is Jim Slansky (guitar, vocals), Sam Cino (drums, vocals), and Jesse Turton (bass, vocals). Passenger's music could be described as "rhythm and blues fusion," with influences from the Grateful Dead and Little Feat to John Scofield and Bob Marley. Passenger and their groove-jazz incarnation, "Chipotle," are one of the hardest-working bands in Guelph, playing over 200 dates a year across Ontario.

<Dave Teichroeb
Dave started performing in Guelph in 1987 and has released three solo albums to great critical acclaim. His latest CD, "Canadian Whiskey," arrives after three years of living and playing in Texas. Dave is the D in DROG, an independent label co-founded with Lewis Melville which has released over 70 recordings including the Rheostatics, Skydiggers, Chris Brown, and Kate Fenner. He is now performing and recording with The Plaster Cowboys, a folk-country incarnation of The Kramdens.

Tannis Slimmon>
Tannis is a songstress (singer/songwriter/player) who has spent many years performing, recording and touring with bands such as The Bird Sisters and Benji. In 2001 she released her first solo album, Oak Lake, a mix of folk, rock, pop, and blues, expressed with the melodies and harmonies she is known and loved for. Tannis' engaging music and warm personality embody the elements that make the Guelph scene great.

<Jesse Stewart
Jesse is a percussionist, composer, improviser, visual artist, instrument builder, student, and writer. As a musician, he works primarily in the areas of jazz, new music, and free improvisation. He has performed with many internationally acclaimed musicians and is one of the driving forces of the Guelph Jazz Festival.



Jesse  Turton>
Jesse is an award-winning bassist, and has played professionally in jazz, blues, rock, and R&B bands in both Canada and the US - since the age of 15. His preferred instruments are the upright acoustic bass and both fretted and fretless electric bass. He presently plays in Passenger, Chipotle and the Sam Turton Band.






< Sam Turton
Sam is a singer-songwriter with over thirty years experience as a blues/roots/slide guitarist in Canada. The 2003 CD, "feel," highlights his personal and political "Folk-Soul" songs. A tireless activist for emotional health and social justice, Sam has set his musical sights on many targets, including nuclear power and George Bush. A founder of G-PAC (Guelph Preservation Action Committee), Sam is now zeroing in on the world's biggest corporation - Wal-Mart.

Well Charged>
Well Charged was founded by Winston Cole, who grew up in Jamaica with the likes of Burning Spear, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh. Hand picked to introduce Reggae music and culture to Canada for Expo, Winston settled in Canada. Now in Guelph, Winston fronts Well Charged with Jake Janzen (bass), Ike Barrett (guitar) Curaloz MD (keys), Corey Wood (drums) and a variety of horn players and singers. The band has produced three CDs, the last being the 2002 release, "Rukkus."


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