Artist Statements

Ken Brown

The idea of their store being in Guelph didn't bother me too much. But when I heard people saying I was anti-Wal-Mart when what I actually said was I didn't like it being rammed up against the Jesuits . . . well, that's bullying for profit - and it has to stop. Now is a good time, and here is a good place.

Nonie Crete

I grew up in a small town, and I really appreciated the downtown as a gathering place for the community, a place of family stores and good times with friends. I oppose the way Wal-Mart ignores communities and endangers downtown life.

James Gordon

As someone who is constantly on the road, a sense of place, a sense of community is essential to me when I'm home. On my travels I have seen far too many cities die from the inside out as a result of non-community based retail giants like Wal-Mart. The least I can do is to try my best to insure that this doesn't happen in my community!

Sandy Horne

I believe the decision for development and growth in any community should be in the hands of its people - not the large outside corporations trying to control the towns' and cities' future through their financial power, without care for the health and well-being of that community.

House of Velvet - Drew McIvor

A hungry giant does not ask what's for dinner, it chooses its prey as it sees fit. Let's not put ourselves on Wal-Mart's menu in exchange for bargain socks and cheap patio furniture. After all, who's the real consumer here - the Guelph suburbanite looking to save a buck or the largest corporation on Earth looking to make another billion? Don't invite a monster to the dinner table, they have a bad habit of taking more than their fair share.

Jiwani - Fulé Badoe

A retreat center should be just that - a center for retreat.

Norman Liota

I look around and I see a dominant society that embraces destruction while proudly legitimizing greed. Rampant free market economies, of which Wal-Mart is a part, tend to increase human and environmental exploitation because profit is the main consideration. A new bottom line is needed, but what will it take?

Andrew McPherson

Halflight was recorded at the original location of my studio, The Monastereo, on the grounds beside the proposed Wal-Mart development. Proponents of the 6&7 development will never know the prized possession that is this spiritual and peaceful setting. Shame on them for their shortsightedness and reckless consumerism.

Passenger - Jim Slansky

This Wal-Mart issue exemplifies the way rampant consumerism and mis-regulated capitalism is quite often being allowed to infiltrate our lives despite our best efforts to fend it off. As we slowly develop the skill and courage to look closer and closer at our world and how we are affecting it, this type of insatiable economic growth is costing us way more than it is worth!

Tannis Slimmon

Bigger is not necessarily better.

Jesse Stewart

Wal-Mart plays a central role in what I see as the increasing homogenization of the world's cultural landscape. In "New World Money System," I offer a critique of this trend and of the economic system that supports it through the use of turntables and vinyl recordings.

The piece explores resistance in both the figurative and literal sense. Although turntable technology has been discarded by society at large, musicians working in a wide variety of social, musical, and cultural locations have reclaimed the turntable as a site for creative expression. In this regard, "turntablism" resists dominant orders of cultural production as espoused by mega-corporations like Wal-Mart and its affiliates.

Record scratching is also a physical act of resistance. In "New World Money System," the speaker's words are manipulated through scratching. A literal rhythm of resistance is created as I tap out a rhythmic pattern on the spinning metal turntable with a drumstick in my right hand while manipulating the recording with my left. Distorting the speech to the point of incomprehensibility, this act of resistance subverts the new world money system, a system that undermines vibrant local communities with corporate monocultures while concentrating wealth in the hands of an ever-shrinking elite.

Dave Teichroeb

Wal-Mart is what happens when people stop caring about their quality of life. I hope our efforts plant the seeds of positive change for everyone.

Sam Turton

Since the dawn of civilization, tyrants have bullied and robbed the common people. Corporate empires - and Wal-Mart is the world's biggest - are the tyrants of this age. If we can stop them from bulldozing our lives here in Guelph, others may be encouraged to stand up, reclaim their power, and do the same.

Well Charged

The members of Well Charged are all affected in different ways by this issue. This project is a great opportunity for all of us to show our support and to help make a difference in our community.


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