Track Credits

1. Not There

Artists in Support of RSD in Guelph

Gonna hold our ground in the name of love

Ken Brown, Winston Cole, Nonie Crete, James Gordon, Sandy Horne, Norman Liota, Andrew McPherson, Craig Norris, Jim Slansky, Tannis Slimmon, Dave Teichroeb, Sam Turton: lead and group vocals
Sam Turton: acoustic guitars
Jesse Turton: upright acoustic bass
Jesse Stewart: drums
Drew McIvor: Hammond B3 organ
Ken Brown, Jane Lewis, Heather MacRae: harmony vocal group

Production: Sam Turton
Recording, engineering, mixing: Ken Brown
Remote engineering of B3: Peter Turpin
Recorded at Ken Brown's, May 2005
Words and music © 2004 Sam Turton/Dogsnest Music (SOCAN)

2. Another Big Box Store

James Gordon

Instead of green fields and trees, they would see there
The reason their little business died

James Gordon: vocals, piano
Scott Merritt: electric guitar
Peter Von Althen: drums
Dennis Rondeau: double bass
Evan Gordon: organ

From the CD "One Timeless Moment"
Words and music by James Gordon © 2001 Pipe Street Publishing (SOCAN)


3. It's Quite a Job

Tannis Slimmon

Who's in charge around here?

Tannis Slimmon: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Rebecca Campbell: vocals
Lewis Melville: electric guitar, hand drums, bass
John Charlton: electric guitar

From the 2001 CD "Oak Lake"
Words and music © Tannis Slimmon and Lewis Melville


4. Learn to Behave

Ken Brown

If it means we have to talk
That's the price you've got to pay

Ken Brown: voices, guitar

From the CD "letters from home"
Words & music Ken Brown © 1997, all rights reserved, Vogon Publishing (SOCAN)


5. Empires Fall

Sam Turton

You may come up like the rising sun
But you will fall when your day is done

Sam Turton: lead vocal, acoustic guitars
Jesse Turton: bass
Peter Grimmer: drums, percussion
Drew McIvor: Hammond organ
Melissa M. Anderson, Ludlow Buckley, Jane Lewis, Heather MacRae, Celia F. Neckles, Alicia Patterson, Ken Rootham, Jesse Turton, Jessie Watt: supporting vocals

From the CD "feel"
Words and music © 2003 SamTurton/Dogsnest Music (SOCAN)


6. Gangstament

Well Charged

We don't need it here - take it away!

Winston Cole: lead vocal
Jake Janzen: bass
Ike Barrett: guitar
Curaloz MD: keys
Corey Wood: drums
James Munroe: trombone
Ryan Long: sax

Words and music © 2005 Well Charged
Produced by Well Charged. Engineered by Jake Janzen at Purple Shag Studios, Guelph. Gangstament to be released with the band's upcoming CD.


7. What Will It Take

Norman Liota

And when the meek shall inherit the earth
What will it be really worth?

Norman Liota: prepared guitar & vocals
Ian DeSouza: bass
Cam Collyer: agogo bells, djembe, axatse
Mark Duggan: cabasa

From the 2001 CD "Beneath These Skies"
Words and music © 2001 Norman Liota


8. Halflight

Andrew McPherson

Does the dark side recoil
Or risk it all, tempt the flame still higher

Andrew McPherson: all instruments, vocals, programming except -
Stephen Fearing: electric guitar
Jeremy Shute: trumpet samples

From the CD "Phoenix at the Wheel"
Words and music © 2001 Andrew McPherson (SOCAN).
Produced, recorded and mixed by A.M. on the property of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph - the location now endangered by Wal-Mart.

Websites: -

9. My Town

House of Velvet

From the CD "Doors Wide Open," credits:
Steve Karch: guitar
Jay Shute: congas, djembe
Jeremy Shute: trumpet, keys, bass
Fil Bucchino: bass, vocals drums
Wayne Smythe: vocals, percussion, bass
Drew McIvor: vocals, organ, clavinet, electric piano
Tom Connor: vibraphones
J.P. Bertola: drums, vocals, percussion
DJ Keem: scratches
Samples: Kofi's fetal heartbeat; Special Ed - "Freaky Flow"; A Tribe Called Quest - "Stressed Out."

Music © 1997 J.P. Bertola, Rob Bertola, T. Connor, D. McIvor, HOV

Contact: Wayne F. Smythe

10. Kpasta


Naki, it's getting late . . .

A traditional Ghanaian song about care and protection.

Fulé Badoe, Adwoa Badoe: vocals, percussion


11. Howling at the Moon


When we really understand
We'll make this world a better place

Jim Slansky: all instruments and vocals
John Charlton: vocals

From the 2000 CD "Getting There"
© 2000 Curveball Records (SOCAN)

Passenger (Sam Cino, Jim Slansky, Jesse Turton)
Contact: Jim Slansky - Passenger/Chipotle
Curveball Records
37 Birmingham St., Guelph, Ontario, N1H 4X5

12. One Pair of Shoes With a Little Swoosh On 'em

Nonie Crete

Made by a girl, just seventeen
In a sweatshop over in the Philippines

Nonie Crete: lead vocals
Lois Cherry: piano
James Gordon: trumpet, tuba, accordion
Marion Linton: violin
Randal Coryell: drums
Sandy Horne: backing vocals

From the 2005 CD "Hardscrabble Road"
Words and music by James Gordon © 2003 Pipe Street Publishing (SOCAN)

Contact: Nonie Crete, 99 Hill St. West, Fergus ON, N1M 1G2, 519-843-2960

13. The Truth About Freedom

Dave Teichroeb and the Plaster Cowboys

We're scratching out a living for minimum at Wal-Mart

Dave Teichroeb: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo
Craig Norris: piano, vocals
Mike Findlay: mandolin, vocals
Steve Knox: guitar
Will Kee: bass
Robert Leader: drums

Words and music © 2004 Dave Teichroeb (SOCAN)


14. It's Just as Simple as That

Sandy Horne

You don’t have to buy all that crap that they make

Sandy Horne: lead vocal
Lois Cherry: piano
Ken Brown, Ryan Schneider, Amy Nodwell, Nonie Crete: backing vocals

From the 2005 CD "Hardscrabble Road"
Words and music by James Gordon © 2003 Pipe Street Publishing, SOCAN


15. New World Money System

Jesse Stewart

Every time you listen to this recording something will happen - something good - for you will make it happen.

Jesse Stewart: turntables (Califone record player)
Composition © 2005 Jesse Stewart



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